Canon MX922 Printer Troubleshooting

When Canon Pixma MX922 has issues in printing, copying, scanning, and faxing it requires troubleshooting. Most of the time these errors are displayed on the screen along with their support codes. The provided manual can be used to find a Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting solution to fix all your issues or our technical team can support you in these situations.

Canon MX922 Printer Troubleshooting

Canon MX922 Paper Jam

While taking printouts or copies, the paper that is used tends to get jammed in the machine. Follow the given procedure to remove the paper from the machine.
  • If the paper is clogged on the output tray. Pull it out slowly to fix the Canon MX922 paper jam issue.
  • When the paper is jammed while taking an Automatic duplex printing, try detaching the rear cover and pull it out.
  • Remove and lift the transport unit cover and extract the paper out.
  • In certain cases the paper gets blocked in the ADF.
  • In such scenarios hit the stop button and switch off the device.
  • Raise the paper lever to remove the paper from the machine.
  • You can also remove the paper by pulling up the document cover.
  • Take a test print. Get easy Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting tips from our experts.

Canon MX922 Won’t Print

In some occasion, the Canon MX922 won’t print. Following are the reasons and the solutions to the printout issue.
  • The driver update is one of the reasons for a printout error.
  • In this case, check if the driver is properly installed.
  • Try uninstalling it and re-installing the drive right away.
  • A paper jam is also an important reason for such errors.
  • See if any paper is jammed and if there is any paper stuck, try removing it.
  • At times the system and the printer might not be connected properly.
  • Reconnect the system and check if the connection is stable.
  • If there are any complications with the toner cartridge, try re-inserting them or replace them with a new one.

Canon MX922 Won’t Scan

There are cases where the scanner does not work properly. This can be corrected by following the given Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting steps.
  • Switch ON the power button.
  • Try restarting the scanner.
  • Check if the system and the scanner are connected.
  • Choose a different USB port on the system.
  • At times the system may not have enough memory.
  • Try reducing the resolution of the image in order to scan it.
  • The scanned images may not open.
  • Try choosing a JEPG format for the scanned image. Check whether the Canon MX922 won’t scan issue is fixed.

Canon MX922 Printer Is Offline

There are a few instances where the Canon MX922 printer is offline. Read the given instructions and follow them.
  • Find the Service desktop app in your system.
  • Look for Print Spooler and right click it.
  • Select Restart or start.
  • Tap on Print spooler with your right mouse button and choose properties.
  • Go to Start-up type -> automatic.
  • In this method find the control panel in your system.
  • Click on Hardware and sound and locate Device and printers.
  • Find your canon printer and right click it.
  • Select the option. See what’s printing.
  • Choose Printer—> Use Printer Offline.
  • Now once again tap Printers—> Cancel All Documents. Reach us to get instant Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting support.
Canon MX922 Printer Offline

Canon MX922 Won’t Print Color

If the Canon MX922 won’t print color printouts, try following the given instructions.
  • To Print the nozzle pattern, press Menu and then Click the Setup button.
  • Choose Maintenance. The Maintenance screen is displayed.
  • Tap on print Nozzle check pattern. The confirmation image gets displayed.
  • The nozzle check pattern is taken out as a print
  • Compare the printout with the displayed image
  • If they are not similar Cleaning is required.
  • In order to perform cleaning Click MENU —> Setup.
  • Select Maintenance —>Cleaning and tap OK. Repeat the cleaning process and take a test print. For further Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting tips just reach our technical experts.
  • If the issue is still not resolved. Open the printer and remove all the ink cartridges. Check for damages on the cartridge
  • Clean the inside of the printer and also the contact on the cartridge.
  • If the cartridge is damaged, remove them. Switch off the machine and unplug.
  • Replace the damaged cartridge with the new ones.

Canon MX922 Won’t Print Black

Follow the given instruction if the Canon MX922 won’t print black.
  • Glitches like these can be caused if the cartridge is damaged
  • Turn OFF the machine and detach it from the power source.
  • Take out the cartridge.
  • Place the fresh cartridge in their slots and try taking printouts.
  • Now print out the nozzle check pattern
  • Check the image with the printout and if they seem different, Cleaning need to be done.
  • Select Menu and then find Setup.
  • Click on Select Maintenance and choose Cleaning. Repeat the process a few times. Reach our technical experts to fix your Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting issues.

Canon MX922 Won’t Print Wirelessly

Sometimes your printer which has been working properly would not print wirelessly. Given below are the reasons and the solutions involved to fix Canon MX922 won’t print wirelessly issue.
  • The Device might not be switched OFF. Check if the printer and the router is turned ON.
  • If it is still not printing, try switching OFF and switching ON again.
  • The access point might be far away from the printer.
  • Try keeping the printer close to the access point and try printing.
  • Performing the printer setting and try to reconnect them again if it is still not printing.
  • Check the default printer settings and search for any changes in the settings.
  • The printer and the system might not be connected.
  • Try taking a print out to check whether the Canon Mx922 printer troubleshooting issue is fixed.

Canon MX922 Ink Not Recognized

This error occurs because the ink cartridge has not been installed properly or if the cartridge is damaged. In order to rectify the error follow the given set of instructions
  • Sometimes the error message will display if the black cartridge or color cartridge is not recognized.
  • If it is not mentioned, Pull out both the ink cartridges.
  • There is a small strip with a series of gold contact on the front.
  • Clean it with a piece of cloth.
  • Make sure it is spotless.
  • Insert them in their previous location.
  • Close all the open covers.
  • Try restarting the system. If the issue is not fixed then reach our trained technical experts to get quick Canon Mx922 printer troubleshooting assistance.
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