Canon MX922 Setup

Canon Pixma MX922 Printer Setup

  • Canon mx922 is one of the top-notch printers that provides colorful prints that meet your expectation.
  • It is the ideal choice that is efficient and also provides mobile solutions.
  • Canon Pixma is known for reliability and quality. Reach our experts to get instant support for Canon Mx922 setup & troubleshooting process.
Canon MX922 Setup

How to Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Printer?

In some occasion, the printer does not print. Following are the reasons and the solutions to the printout issue.
  • Make sure to check the seal upon receiving the shipment.
  • Unpack the printer and remove all the packing materials.
  • Check if all the accessories enlisted in the user guide are available.
  • The accessories include wireless inkjet office, Matte Photo paper, setup CD-ROM, setup ink tanks, power cord, telephone cable, and manuals.
  • Place the printer on a flat surface.
  • Connect one end of the power wire to Pixma printer and the other end to a power socket for the Canon MX922 setup process.
  • Long press the printer’s power button until the printer is switched on.
  • Insert the ink cartridge.
  • Take a test print

How to Install Canon Pixma MX922?

  • Follow the below steps to know how to install Canon Pixma MX922 printer.
  • A driver is a software that serves as a medium between the Operating System and the printer.
  • The drive can be installed by using the CD provided or through the internet.
  • Enter the CD into the CD drive. The system will immediately recognize the CD uploaded.
  • After the CD is recognized by the system, initiate the installation process.
  • Select View device and Printers -> Add printer. Select the Canon mx922 from the list.
  • The Canon MX922 driver can also be downloaded through the internet.
  • Enter the model number and other queries in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Select the required file that is compatible with the OS and the printer model and download it.
  • Double tap the file to proceed with the installation process which is one of the Canon MX922 setup process.
  • Fill in the information required and select the box next to I Agree. This starts the installation process. Within a few minutes, the driver gets installed.

Canon MX922 Copy Setup

Canon mx922 copy setup is quite distinct and effective. Place the document sheet on the platen glass and make sure the document sheets are not crushed or folded. Press the copy button. After the process is initiated set the features accordingly. Note, multiple copies can also be printed.

How to Copy on Canon Pixma MX922?

  • The machine must be connected to power storage.
  • Load the original document on the platen glass or in the ADF.
  • Press the COPY button. The copy standby screen is displayed.
  • You need to specify the following settings.
  • Number of copies, print settings, and preview settings.
  • You can mention the number of copies to be copied. You can use the + and keys to increase and decrease the number as you like.
  • By clicking the Function button, the print setting is displayed. Using this, we can change the settings of the page size, media type and the quality of the print.
  • By tapping the left Function button, you can preview the image of the document on the preview screen.
  • After setting all the specifications, press the Color button for color copying and black button for black and white copy. Reach us to get instant Canon MX922 setup related support.

Canon MX922 Double Sided Copy

  • Check if the device is connected to a power source and press the power button.
  • Make sure the A4 sheet is loaded.
  • By changing the Canon mx922 setup settings, you can customize the exact way you want to copy documents.
  • Here are a few types of copies provided. They are
  • Two-sided to two-sided copies.
  • Single-sided to two-sided copies.
  • Two-sided to single-sided copies.
  • For Two-sided to two-sided place, the original in the automatic feeder (ADF) then set the ADF duplex scan to Duplex1. We also need to change the print setting to 2-sided.
  • In case of Single-sided to Two-sided, place the original copy on the platen glass surface or in the automatic feeder (ADF). Set ADF duplex scan option to Simplex and select the option 2-sided for 2-sided print setting.
  • For Two-sided to single-sided copy, position the original document in the automatic feeder (ADF). Set ADF duplex scan to Duplex. Make sure the print setting is 1- sided.

Canon MX922 Fax Setup

You can now send your documents anywhere with your canon printer without any obstacles. The Canon Mx922 fax setup process is quite simple; connect the telephone cord, scan the page and dial the number where you want to send your document.

Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless Fax Setup

  • Check if the canon device is connected to the power source and load the papers into the paper tray.
  • Click the fax button for the Canon Mx922 setup process and then the function option. To set the receive mode use arrows.
  • Click the menu button; select Settings.
  • Go to device setting and click OK button.
  • Find LAN settings and select OK.
  • Search for wireless LAN active and select it.
  • Select Wireless LAN setting then select WPS configuration for the Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless fax setup process.
  • Click the Push button method.
  • When the access point is ready, press the OK button on the machine then press the WPS button on the access point within two minutes.
  • Click the OK button when the access point is ready. Within the next two minutes click the WPS button on the access point.

How to Fax on Canon Pixma MX922?

  • With canon mx922 printer, you can fax your documents with privacy and security.
  • Place the document sheet to be faxed on the platen glass.
  • Connect the telephone cord and make sure all the other setups are done.
  • Dial the right number where you want to send your document.
  • You can also use speed dial to choose the number.
  • But in order to receive your fax, the answering machine on the other side must be switched On.
  • In order to know if the receiving number is ON, call the number and check if it is ringing.
  • To receive the fax, press the Fax button on the unit. The stand-up screen will be displayed.
  • Click the Function button and use the arrow buttons to select the receive mode. For further Canon MX922 setup related queries just reach us.
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