Canon MX922 Scanner Setup

It is easy to scan a document using your Canon Pixma MX922 printer. You can save the scanned document to your computer and use it for all your needs. Follow the below steps for the Canon Mx922 scanner setup process.

Canon MX922 Scanner Setup

Canon MX922 How to Scan

  • Make sure that your Canon MX922 printer is turned On.
  • Choose Scan on the Home screen.
  • Select the document type by using the buttons.
  • Adjust the settings using the right function button for the Canon MX922 scanner setup process.
  • Place the photo / document on the platen glass.
  • You can choose to print in color or black white using the buttons.
  • Select the format for the scanned document and press the Left Function button.
  • Scanned document will now be forwarded to the computer.

Canon MX922 Scanner Driver Mac

  • Turn off your Pixma printer.
  • Disconnect the printer from your MAC computer.
  • Search for the Canon MX922 scanner driver using the name of your printer model.
  • Scanner driver download is one of the important process of Canon MX922 Scanner Setup.
  • Choose the operating system using the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Download button and double-click on the downloaded file.
  • Click Continue twice and then tap on the Install button.
  • After installation, plug in the USB cable to your MAC and Canon Pixma MX922 printer.
  • Turn On your printer and do a test print.

Canon Mx922 Duplex Scanning

  • Keep the documents on the ADF.
  • Open IJ Scan Utility.
  • Click Settings -> Document Scan.
  • Choose Document (ADF Duplex) in Select Source for the Canon Mx922 duplex scanning process.
  • Choose the document size, color mode, and scanning resolution.
  • Click Ok after completing the settings.
  • Click Document.
  • Your printer will now scan both the sides of the document.

How To Scan From Canon MX922 To Mac

  • Make sure your scanner and computer are connected via a USB cable or wireless network for the Canon MX922 scanner setup process.
  • Go to System Preferences – > Printers & Scanners.
  • From the list, select your scanner.
  • Select Scan and click Open Scanner which is on the right side.
  • Choose Use Document Feeder for the Canon MX922 scan to MAC process.
  • Customize the scan using the scanning options.
  • Click Scan.
  • The document will now be scanned to your MAC. Follow the above steps to know how to scan from Canon MX922 to MAC.
Canon MX922 Scan to MAC

Canon MX922 Scan To Pc

  • Make sure your Canon printer is kept On.
  • Go to Home screen and choose Scan, for the Canon MX922 scan to PC process.
  • Choose the device as computer where your scanned document will be saved.
  • You can utilise the up and down keys to select your PC.
  • Press the side arrows to select the document type for the Canon Mx922 scan to PC process.
  • Customize the settings using the right Function button.
  • Choose the document type using the < > keys.
  • Place the photo or document on the platen glass and press Scan.
  • For further Canon MX922 scanner setup related queries just reach us.

Canon MX922 Scan to Email

  • Keep your Canon Pixma Mx922 printer On.
  • Press the Scan button and choose the device to which the data is going to be saved.
  • Choose Attach to E-mail and Press Ok for the Canon MX922 scan to email process.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the computer.
  • Use the side arrow keys to choose the document type.
  • The right Function button will help you customize the settings as required.
  • Load the document on the plate glass.
  • The photo / document will now be scanned and sent to your computer via e-mail. Reach our experts to get quick Canon MX922 scanner setup related support.
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