Canon Pixma MX922 Print Setup

Canon MX922 Print Setup

Canon MX922 Print Setup

This section describes the basic print setup for your pixma printer. Use the Canon Pixma MX922 print setup screen in the printer driver to customize printer settings. Tap on the Quick Setup tab and select Commonly used settings to choose from the predefined settings. When you select a particular setting, the entire settings will automatically change to the predefined values. Select the quality of the print as High, Standard or Draft and then click Ok. Note, the print quality will vary according to the print setting that you select. The printer will now print according to the chosen print settings.

How To Print On Canon Pixma MX922

  • Switch on your printer for the Canon Pixma Mx922 print setup process.
  • Load the tray with A4 sheets.
  • Ensure that the ink cartridges that your received along with your printer are properly installed.
  • Make sure that an appropriate driver has been downloaded.
  • Open the document on your system and choose File -> Print option
  • Customize the Print settings as you require.
  • Click Print to print the document.

How To Print Double sided Canon Pixma MX922

  • To print on both sides set Duplex Printing.
  • Tick mark on the Two-sided check box.
  • Select Layout from the menu on the Print Dialog.
  • To set the stapling side, select Short-edge binding or Long-edge binding for Two-sided printing.
  • Set the Margin width.
  • You can alter the Stapling side by selecting a setting from the list.
  • Complete the Canon Pixma MX922 print setup by clicking Print.
  • Your printer will now print on both sides.
  • Note, duplex printing cannot be set when you opt for borderless printing.
  • Also, Duplex printing can be performed only on A4 or US letter paper size.

How To Print Photos On Canon MX922 Printer

  • Pull out the paper tray of Canon MX922 printer.
  • Load the photo paper with the print side facing downwards.
  • Adjust the paper guides according to the photo paper.
  • Push the upper cassette into the printer.
  • Release the paper output tray.
  • Open My Image Garden to print photos.
  • Select the photos to be printed and click Print.
  • Choose the number of copies and other settings. Click Print.
  • Follow the above steps to know how to print photos on Canon MX922 printer.

How To Print Envelopes On Canon MX922

  • Follow the below steps to know how to print envelopes on Canon Mx922 printer.
  • Flatten the edges of the envelopes by pressing down the corners.
  • Pull out the lower cassette from the printer.
  • Open the paper guides and load the envelopes with the print side downwards.
  • Adjust the front and right paper guides so that the envelopes perfectly fits in.
  • Push back the lower cassette into the printer.
  • Open your printer’s output tray.
  • Customize the print settings by choosing the size and type of envelopes.
  • Click Print after completing the Canon Pixma MX922 print setup process.
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